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Beyond what we can ask, think or imagine!

At Beyond Christian Academy the aim is to provide a transformational educational experience - an education that not only teaches, but transcends the discipline of learning and the acquisition of competencies, to the acquiring of a deep sense of the greatness of life and learning. Attention is given to the development of the whole child through a balanced curriculum encompassing the academic, social, physical and spiritual areas. Nurture in the Christian faith is seen as significant to a student forming strong values, purpose and integrity. 

Parents are considered to be strategic in the educational process and Beyond Christian Academy views it as essential that an effective partnership is established with the home. Working together, we help your child to achieve their unique potential.


The Christian faith offers students a lens through which to view and explore life, providing guidance, wisdom, and a sense of purpose as they navigate their experiences and seek to understand the world around them.


By incorporating hands-on, interactive and student-centred approaches to teaching, fostering a growth mindset, providing opportunities for creative exploration and connecting learning to real-world applications and personal interests, students will develop a love of learning across all faculty areas.


Through the creative and performing arts, students can find joy, meaning and a sense of fulfilment, which contributes to their overall wellbeing and success in life. Engaging in creative endeavours cultivates a sense of empathy and cultural appreciation and helps students develop their own unique talents and interests.


Our Christian Studies curriculum is designed to provide a distinctively Christian teaching and learning environment, in which we intentionally integrate faith in a child's education.

Through our Chapel Services, Christian Studies curriculum, pastoral care and service programs, students develop an understanding of Christian values and how they impact their lives.

Our aim is to prepare students to lives purposeful lives and we do this by educating students in Christian Studies, as well as undertaking programs of service and cultural celebration.






Social and Environmental Studies

Physical Education including Sport

Life Skills


  • English, Mathematics and Science will be taught using the Cambridge Curriculum

  • Technology will be taught using a STEM Education Framework

  • Social and Environmental Studies will be taught using the Australian Curriculum with some Malawian Content

  • Life Skills and Chichewa will be taught using the Malawian Curriculum



Visual Arts


Music, Visual Arts & Drama will be taught using the Australian Curriculum

We include creative experiences across, and in addition to the curriculum to enhance the love of learning and to promote accessibility. By participating in a variety of creative experiences, we aim to build the confidence of all children.

Choir Participation

Cooking and Hospitality

Musical Theatre Performances


Song and Poetry Writing

3D Modelling

Global Connected Classroom

Business in a Box

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